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¿Entrevistando a una agencia de medios? Dos aspectos cruciales que se deben tomar en serio

Los gastos de anuncios tradicionales como la televisión en México ha alcanzado un valor de alrededor de $4 mil millones en 2015. Sin embargo, la escala nacional de anuncios convencionales no está recibiendo suficiente, ya lo hicieron en las últimas décadas. Los especialistas saben que hay formas más eficaces en función de los costos para implementar la comercialización que incluso las empresas locales pueden aplicar.

Por eso, la decisión de una empresa fabricante debe recordar los siguientes aspectos cuando entrevista y selecciona una agencia de medios de comunicación:

agencia de medios

Planificación de la estrategia de medios

La agencia debe guiar a la empresa sobre qué comprar y qué desechar cuando se refiere a las estrategias de los medios de comunicación. Es probable que los especialistas de anuncios colaboraren con otros proveedores con diferentes esfuerzos de marketing. La agencia debe presentar el mejor plan que mejor se adapte a las necesidades de una empresa.

Marketing Digital

Los estrategas de medios saben que hay estrategias de marketing que son eficaces para su negocio y que podrían dirigirse con solo una localidad determinada o segmentación de mercado y, por lo tanto ni siquiera se consideran los glamorosos anuncios tradicionales. ¿Qué necesitas ahora? Pregúntele a la agencia de medios de comunicación. Si usted puede permitirse un canal tradicional como un anuncio en el periódico, entonces es mejor.


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Business Storage – Helps Avail Expanded Space at Minimum Cost

Using self storage options to keep some extra stuff for a short or long term is not new for businesses. The safety and security of stored goods and the storage unit was still a bit of a question mark in the minds of the customers. But in a recent news item on, it has been revealed that a new insurance product for the operators of self storage units, including in Australia is now made available. Those availing business storage facilities, even with small operators, can benefit from this insurance cover and it also has provisions to retain 50% of the premium collected as administration fee. So it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

Understand How it Works

Self storage solutions have been available for a long time. They serve many purposes to both individuals as well as businesses. Within the business category, customers also have different needs. Many businesses have seasonal upsurges lasting a few months every year. They end up selling more during these few months than they do during the rest of the year. So the normal storage space for finished goods or even the raw materials required to manufacture them may not be sufficient to meet the increased demand. The packing boxes and other options offered by the storage operators come in quite handy during such seasons.

Some Storage Requirements May be Regular

The business storage requirements can be of a regular nature too instead of the seasonal needs discussed above. Every business may not enjoy adequate space to keep all their office stuff in their premises. In particular, there may be marketing related materials, like promotional goods, which are ordered in bulk and used over a long period of time. The Brunswick self storage could be very useful to you if you are located not far from there and you can try out the different storage solutions available.

You Can Avail Some Discounts on the Way

If you are lucky, you might be able to enjoy some attractive discount storage rates and packages also. Some of these benefits can be fully enjoyed if you choose the online booking route. The operator might want that the space you need is reserved upfront. That way they are also clear how much of their space is taken and they can plan their services better. So if you are able to clearly anticipate your storage needs and make the booking, you can save dollars. The transportation of the goods is another expense you have to factor in, but you may be able to save some amount if the storage operator has the scheme running when you make the booking.

Benefits of Self Storage

Choosing business storage as an option to expand the space available to you to carry on your business is a welcome decision. It is helpful for maintaining sanity in the day to day operations, even in a busy season. It can also save expenses on hiring extra space for the whole year or going in for some makeshift storage arrangement in your own premises.

One has to only study the system and take full advantage of the solutions on offer.  For more details on Public Self Storage facilities in Brunswick, you may visit

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